Who are we ?

The Big Family group was created in 2015 in Avignon. Made up of childhood friends, we grew up together and sought to expand our community to bring more people to our private events. Composed of diverse talents, each member of the group can bring something to the Big Family.

The Big Family's success relies on the friendliness of its gatherings and the closeness that members can have. A new member will always be welcome and will be fully involved in the various activities of the group.

To summarize, the Big Family is not just a group, it's a state of mind. Only one member is enough to wear our colors and represent us.

More globally, we share via videos our experiences around the world and the regions of France to show you that it is possible to have fun everywhere. You can follow our adventures on our various social networks.


Summer 2020

New event this summer, information to follow regarding Covid-19